Friday, May 18, 2007

None of Us is as Dumb as All of Us

I was at a brainstorming meeting the other day for a volunteer group I am involved in. About ten minutes into the meeting, I was ready to shove a pencil into my eye (to detract from the pain of the mindless discussion...)

Needless to say, this "demotivational" poster from cracked me up. The truth hurts, I guess...


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Blake Lewis Does Bon Jovi

Okay....I understand that this isn't silly...goofy or even remotely funny.

It's my blog...and I make the rules so I am going to change directions (for less than three minutes) and feature Blake Lewis doing Bon Jovi's, "You Give Love a Bad Name".

I am ALL ABOUT the 80' I am loving Blake's "blast from the past" + beat boxing.....

I especially love the beginning....where he goes...."ahhh, ohhhh....shttttt....ummmmmm " =)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

In Honor of Mother's Day...a Little Tune from Mr. T

Happy Mother's Day everyone. Here is a classic from Mr. T called, "Treat Your Mother Right".  Show the kids...and enjoy your day.  =) 


Sunday, April 29, 2007

World's Luckiest People

I just Stumbled Upon this video.    It is simply amazing.  I feel so sorry for these people's guardian angels...they are working overtime! 

On a sidenote...I was crankly this morning because my kiddos were driving me nutso...after watching this....I am feeling pretty fortunate.  =)



Friday, April 27, 2007

Once Again...My Husband Almost Flushed His Cell Phone

Have you ever dropped your cell phone in the toilet? My husband does it almost weekly. I have no clue what he does with his phone while he is...well, doing business, but it seems like once a month I hear him yell.....ARGHHHHH followed by the disgusting splashing sounds of him fishing it out.

So, we are in the market for yet another cell phone to replace the one he almost flushed. The last time we bought our cell phones, we got those old-fashioned, extremely uncool ones that look like you are carrying a full-sized rotary phone around.

While I stopped worrying about being "cool" two babies ago, it was a bit embarrassing to fish a three-pound phone out of my purse during play dates. You can almost hear the other mothers “tee-heeing” in the background as I unfold my ancient rotary phone.

Thanks to my husband's cell-phone fishing expeditions, we are both in the market for new ones. I want a Blackberry. I am not sure why. I am an artist and blogger. I rarely talk with people on the phone, but Paris has one...Nicole has one...Britney has one. I am in the midst of a pre-mid life crisis, so suddenly I want one too.

As a starving blogger...artist type - I am also broke. Thankfully, with, I can get my Blackberry for free. Woo hoo. At least I'll look important to the other moms at the playdates, right? Someone might actually mistake me for a career woman!

Check out the site when you have the chance and let me know what you think of the deals in the comments section. Oh...and check out the pink Razr too when you have the chance. It is De-LISH!

I am hoping my darling husband will have another "bathroom incident" so I can try that one out too! =)

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This is Hysterical - Especially if You Are Potty Training...

Okay - leave it to the Japanese to create a unique.. (and a tad bit disturbing) potty training video for kids.

I am trying to train my 2 1/2 year old son as we speak so I thought it was pretty funny. When I get desperate enough, I am going to let him watch it and see how it goes....(pardon the pun). =)

Check it out....


Keep Your Kids Busy (and learning) This Summer With Science Kits

It was 70 degrees here for the first time in months. My two year old son and three year old daughter played outside all day. It was bliss (for all of us).

This is the first year I've really been able to observe my son's personality. Last year, he was barely walking and spent most of the summer bumping into things...and falling down. This year, he has shown quite the interest in bugs, dirt, rocks and, well...bumping into things.

My son is a monster. He is off the charts both in height and weight. Please don't think I am horrible for saying this (it really is a, sort of), but my husband and I always joke that at least my son will be going to Harvard on a football scholarship.

Needless to say, I was pretty excited when I heard about a cool new website that offers science kits and toys for kids. It feels good knowing that my son can still play with dirt, rocks, mud...and other "boy stuff" while learning something valuable.

I also have a daughter who is totally into crafting. I am imagining her future as a starving artist (like myself). They have some great kits for her too. Here are two of my favorites:

Let's Get Gross - if you have a little boy you'll appreciate this too. At least with a kit like this they can "get gross" and learn something in the process. Brilliant!

For my daughter, I love Our Amazing Avalanches and Mudslides
This kit allows kids to create and paint their own avalanches and mudslides. It's crafting..with an educational component.

As the mother of preschoolers, I am often preoccupied with play-dough, finger paint and glycerin bubbles. I am thrilled to find other fun and educational projects to keep them busy.

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Simple Things You Can Do to Brighten Someone's Day - Give a Mom a Break

Have you ever felt nudged to do something nice for someone else, but you aren't sure what to do? I am starting a series on simple things that you can do to brighten someone else's day. Personally, after I've done something nice for someone, I feel so fantastic and slightly selfish at the same time. Trust me, niceness can be quite the natural high.

Let's start with a really simple (but extremely valuable) "nice thing to do". Give a mom a break.

I admit. I am starting with a selfish assignment. I have two preschoolers. They are fun, creative and energetic. They make me laugh non-stop. That being said, I desperately need a little "me-time".

I want to grab a cup of coffee...alone. I want to peruse a music store...alone. I want to lay on my lazy-boy and watch reality tv all by myself.
I want to eat a plate of nachos and drink a glass of red wine without my preschoolers trying to grab them from me.

A bath would be really nice too. A long bath. With bubbles, smelly stuff, magazines and maybe even a second glass of wine, heaven forbid.

I took a bath a few weeks ago. I used my kids' blueberry bubble bath, laid down and cringed as I tried to lodge a pirate ship out of the small of my back. Ahhh...relaxing....NOT!

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Toll Free Rehab Referral Service

Do you have a loved one who is using drugs? Do you ever feel hopeless because you can't seem to either get them to stop, or because you don't know what resources are available to help them? You aren't alone.

Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom, I was a social worker. Shortly after leaving my career to become a stay at home mom, I learned that my teenage foster brother had become addicted to drugs. It was interesting how a career I had done for nearly ten years, suddenly became too close to home. My job was to provide drug rehab resources for families in need, yet I had a hard time helping my own family find treatment options for my brother.

Needless to say, I was thrilled tonight to learn about this non-profit resource and referral website; The site offers free and confidential referrals to treatment agencies in your area. It also offers numerous links to help you determine whether or not your loved one needs help and what kind of help they need.

If you need assistance for someone you know and love, don't wait. Check out the website and make the call. You have nothing to lose.

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A Preschooler's Version of Fergie's "My Humps"

Okay - this is another one of those videos that crack me up...but make me go, "geez, I am glad that's not my kid" at the same time.

Don't get me wrong. He's cute...ADORABLE, in fact. But he is singing a song about "'my humps" - "my lovely lady bumps"...etc...

I am still giggling from it. He doesn't have a clue what he is talking about and you really can't understand a word he says...until he says, "no more drama" plain as day. HA! What does a preschooler know about "drama".

Anyway - check it out and let me know what YOU think. Funny? Or not?

Bid on Stuff You Want...With a Twist

Check out this cool new site: bid4prizes where you can bid on things like televisions, cell phones...and even a brand new car.

Now, as you normal auction sites like Ebay, or Amazon auction the highest bidder wins.

For example, the other day, I desperately wanted a brand new pair of classic, apple-red, Converse high tops. I bid once, twice...GONE! Poof. Someone else outbid me and I lost my classic kicks (I was outbid by a dime!) Arghhh.

With bid4prizes there is a cool twist. The LOWEST bidder wins. Yep. Very cool, huh? So...if you play the game right, there is a good chance that you could get a brand new big screen for your hubbie for $.49 cents (or something like that).

The other neat part of the site is that you get little "hints". Remember playing, "warmer, colder...HOT"? Well, that's a bit what it is like.

So, what would you do with a brand new car? Would you be willing to pay $.49 cents for it? Would you give it to charity? Would you sell it and pay off your bills? Or would you drive around town and brag about the new ride that you bought for less than a buck?

Check out the site and play along. Trust's fun! =) - bid4prizes

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Complaint Free World Starts In the Home

Can you imagine a complaint free world? "Really, honey...dinner was fantastic tonight". "Uh huh...sure it was."

I am a terrible cook. In fact, I can't even make one of those Campbell's soup can recipes. You know the ones I am talking about. They usually involve some sort of meat, topped with rice, topped with soup and milk. "Wa-la - dinner is served".

Well, it's not quite so simple in my house. Tonight, we were supposed to have "Pork Chop and Stuffing Casserole". It turned into "Pork Chop and Soggy Crouton Soup". "Mommy, this is yucky", my three year old daughter exclaimed. My husband didn't exactly complain, but he did seem stunned.

"Wow, it hard to follow the directions on the back of a soup can?" he asked sarcastically. Needless to say, I am ready for a complaint free, sigh free, sarcasm free, eye-rolling free, and gag free world (especially during meal-time).

Have you heard of the Complaint Free World movement yet? It is a simple, yet powerful idea devised by Rev. Will Bowen, who pastors the Christ Church Unity in Kansas City. The task is easy, but the challenge may seem insurmountable. You start by wearing a little rubber purple band on your arm (like the yellow Live Strong bands worn by Lance Armstrong and his fans) as a gentle reminder to stop complaining.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mom My Ride

If you've ever watched MTV's "Pimp My Ride" you'll love this video parody.  It is hysterical.  "Nothing says mom like bottles, toys everywhere and french fries on the floor..."



Thursday, March 29, 2007

This is Why You Don't Let Preschoolers Watch the Sopranos....

PS. - I promised this site would be PG - but today, it is PG 13. Send the kiddos out and watch the video. It's pretty funny, in a "boy I'm glad this kid doesn't attend preschool with my daughter"...kind of way.



Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ooo eeee oooo aahhh ahhh...ting, tang walla walla bing bang...

Alright, I admit.  I am going a little nutso tongiht with the muppet show posts, but I was so excited about the "ma na na na" skit that I looked up my second favorite skit..."the witch doctor" on You Tube. 

For your viewing pleasure.....  (I REALLY hope you guys love the muppets as much as I do.)  If not, show your will crack them up.



Ma na na do doot!

I just watched a Saturn Commercial where they had this "ma na na na " song in the background.  What a blast from the past!  I am a huge Muppet's fan and was reminded of my favorite skit. 

So...I typed "Muppets" into You Tube and lookie what I found!  


I hope you enjoy the blast from the past as much as I did.

PS - if you know what a "Ma na na na" is....let us know in the comments section! =)


Thursday, March 22, 2007

How to Check a Baby's Diaper

I laughed so hard when I saw this sign that I almost spit my juice onto my computer. Hysterical...and OH...SO....TRUE!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just Say Hi vs. EHarmony

If you've spent any time searching dating sites you've probably become frustrated with "gimmicky" slogans and deceptive advertising.

For example, one site I recently viewed had numerous attractive people (supposedly from my community) who were "waiting to hear from me". Out of curiosity, I clicked on a few links only to find that the super attractive members were "premium members" while the others were "free". Boy...I wonder how the "free people" must have felt.

Sites like E-Harmony, and are always free to browse, but there are hidden fees that they do not share upfront. is completely free. You don't need a credit card and there are no hidden charges. They have a quick 60 second sign up so you can start browsing local singles immediately!

Click here to "Just Say Hi".

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The Man of The House


Sunday, March 11, 2007


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